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Mobile, Onsite Oil Changes

Want to add life to your fleet while reducing your maintenance cost and headache? Start with mobile onsite oil changes and maintenance by Professional Fleet Services ASE certified mechanics.

Worried about environmental and safety concerns dealing with your fleet maintenance program? Professional Fleet Services mobile oil change comes with complete environmental and manufactor papers work.

Want quality name brand parts?
Then you want Professional Fleet Services to handle you mobile onsite oil changes, and fleet maintence.

Oil Change Myths
Lube Tips

Modile onsite oil change for your fleet

"A good preventive maintenance plan for each vehicle in your fleet
will take a bit of effort todevelop and will need ongoing fine tuning
and adjustments to address your real life conditions. Unfortunately,
all of this planning is the easy part. The hard part is keeping your
preventinve maintenance program ongoing and on schedule.


In house work may appear to be cheaper than outsourcing,
but look at the overall value received, as outsourced work may
offer more skilled an experienced specialists, warranties, speed
and other benefits. Minimizing down time and receiving the best
value for your preventive maintenance dollars is your goal.

from Tow Times


Regular oil changes, and maintenance with Professional Fleet Services (PFS) saves you time and money.

All EPA and OSHA Regulations and Documentation.
(See our Environmental page for more details)

Keeps your employees on the road instead of along
side the road or in a garage waiting on expensive repairs.

Professional Fleet Services maintenance programs also help insure
the resale value of your fleet by keeping your fleet at its top
performance with only high quality name brand parts.

No matter what is in your
fleet, Professional Fleet Services is the
fleet maintenance solutions for you!

Your fleet deserves the best mobile onsite oil change service